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Our pets are family members and they are very important. The health and safety of each is at the top of our list! Family pets require quality care and responsibility. Using the best training tools and medical products is essential to great health.

We offer pet products that have been specially designed for pet safety. Whether you need help with bark control or potty training pads, finding what works specifically for your pet is easy at

Choosing the right Pet Medications can be confusing at times. We make it easy by providing hundreds of products including allergy, anti-diarrhea, arthritis, dental, de-wormers, ear and eye treatments, flea and tick products, fly repellants, skin - coat care and much more. If you are looking for vitamins and minerals... we have the best. We have products from Frontline, Advantage, HeartGuard and many others.

If you love your pets like we do, give them the very best in pet care products.

Having a pet is a responsibility that rewards you in wet, sloppy kisses. Most of us consider our pets members of the family. We go to great lengths to treat them that way, purchasing pet care products that keep them well-groomed, fed, and comfortable.
Family pet health is also a high priority because we want to enjoy our pets for many years. By purchasing pet safety products, we prevent our animal friends from causing themselves any harm and we keep ourselves worry-free.

Pet Care Products

Proper pet care usually involves bathing, grooming, and giving our pets a small place to call their own. Pet care products like shampoos and conditioning treatments keep our furry friends clean. Dog coat care is important to both the appearance and health of your pooch. We have everything you need to keep your dog smelling and looking great. The other dogs at the dog park will be begging their owners to get a bath!


Wellness Products

Dog care and health go hand in hand because a well cared-for dog is usually much healthier. To get rave reviews from the vet, keep your dog comfortable with a high quality dog bed. Heated wellness beds have therapeutic qualities including vibrating massage. An orthopedic foam core prevents aches and pains that result from sleeping. This is especially welcomed by older dogs with arthritic limbs. These beds feature washable and removable covers, making them easy to clean.


Other family dog wellness products include feed and water systems designed to properly manage the diet. Select from automatic timed feeders, gravity systems, and even an interactive ball feeder that rewards a smart dog for his efforts. Tackle dog care and health at the same time by using a product like this that improves digestion and fights obesity while serving as a fun source of exercise. Cats can also reap the family pet health benefits from using these products so do not forget about them while you are shopping with us.


Safety Products

Pet safety products keep our beloved creatures away from harm and ensure good behavior. Pawz Away and ScatMats are great dog training aids because they keep pets away from areas they should not enter. Dogs train themselves to stay off couches and other furniture, in a safe manner. Dog safety products like the Pawz Away indoor pet barrier are multi-faceted. Not only will this prevent your dog from climbing on furniture, it will deter the pooch from getting into the trash or any other area to be avoided. With static correction, the message to stay away is delivered safely.


Pet kennels and fences are ideal ways to keep a pet safe and secure, which is essential to family dog wellness. In-ground fences, wireless fences, and kennels are the most popular dog safety products. Whether you want to create a physical barrier like a kennel or a less visible, electronic option like a wireless or in-ground fence, you can find the item here.


To allow your puppy his time to roam the yard without disturbing the neighbors, explore our dog bark control products. Dogs bark whether they are excited, bored, sense danger, or sometimes for just no reason. To prevent unnecessary barking, select from ultrasonic, static, spray, and vibration bark control products. Each of these works in different ways but all are completely safe for your dog. Review the options and select the item that is right for your situation.

Pet ownership requires caretaking because our pets cannot care for themselves. Pet medication is an essential part of the pet health and care routine. Pets have specific needs, so we need to provide them with medication and treatments that meet these without doing any harm.

Whether flea and tick prevention is necessary or pet skin care is the priority, you can find the products you need right here. We even feature items to treat specific conditions, like dog ear treatment that provides fast relief.

Shampoo And Allergy Medication

Every good pet health and care approach begins with the basics. Dog shampoo cleans, deodorizes, and treats coat and skin issues. Following a good shampoo with a coat conditioner is essential to any pet skin care routine. It keeps the skin and coat moisturized and hydrated, providing your pooch with soft skin and a silky coat. Dog medication to treat allergies includes special bathing and lotion products like those made by Septiderm. If skin is inflamed, dog allergy medication such as ChlorHex 2X Antimicrobial Spray may be needed.

Some breeds of dogs are prone to tear stains resulting from moisture around the eyes and licking their coat. Pet eye medication like tear stain remover should be added to the grooming regimen in order to prevent these unsightly stains. Most of the products made for this purpose are gentle enough to be used daily and they come in the form of wipes, gel, and even a supplement to sprinkle on your pet’s food. If your cat gets tear stains, never fear, because we also offer feline pet eye medication.

Dental Care

By keeping your pet’s teeth clean, you prevent gum disease and serious medical issues. The key to proper dental care is to begin at an early age so your pet is more receptive to the treatment. Dogs do not even realize they are cleaning their teeth when they enjoy dental chews and treats. Regular tooth brushing and a good oral rinse will keep canine teeth free of tartar and contribute to fresh breath.

Pet Medication

Dog health and medication are directly related, in many cases. Even puppies need medication to prevent flea and tick infestations. We sell the most popular brands like K9 Advantix, Bio Spot, and Frontline. If you prefer chemical-free dog medication to prevent fleas, consider NaturVet’s Herbal Flea Spray. You will also find room and yard area treatment products from Virbac and Adams. By using these, both your pets and you will have a life free of ticks and fleas.

Just like humans, pets can become sick so it is important to treat their conditions with pet medication. Anti-diarrheal medication relieves the cramping, irritation, and general discomfort associated with diarrhea. To prevent cases of canine diarrhea from occurring in the first place, purchase a product like DiaBac Diarrhea Control. As your pet starts to age, medical conditions include arthritis and joint issues. At this stage, dog health and medication routines should expand to include products like chewable nutritional supplements designed to strengthen cartilage and improve hip and joint flexibility and functioning. Canine aspirin helps and natural, milk-based products effectively treat canine arthritis.